International money transfer

MoneyGram is a quick, safe, up to date and inexpensive way of sending or receiving money throughout the world in a matter of minutes.

The extensive network of qualified agents, connected through a computer network will transfer your money without any risk in stake and will guarantee their processing without any delay.  

Thousands of people throughout the world use MoneyGram. The confidence is owed to the exceptionally great safety and the quickness of the entire transfer.  

MоneyGram is used in more over then 170 countries throughout the world. With MoneyGram your money is transferred instantly and it arrives directly to the end recipient in no more than 10 minutes. 

In other cases, by using other ways sometimes takes days and even weeks.

With MоneyGram there are no complex procedures and there is no need for bank accounts or credit cards.

You receive the sent money instantly. 

Countries in which you can use the services of MoneyGram.

Australia, Austria, Albania, Andora, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belorussia, Belgium, Benin, Bolivia, Bosnia, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Vietnam, Ghana, Germany, Gibraltar, Grenada, Georgia, Greece, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ecuador, Estonia, Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Israel, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Island, Italy, Jamaica, Yemen, Jordan, JAR, Kazakhstan, Cayman Islands, Cambodia, Canada, Kenya, Cyprus, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Kuwait, Latvia, Libyan, Macao, Macedonia, Malta, Morocco, Mexico, Moldavia, Monaco, Namibia, Nigeria, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Norway,
OAE, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Salvador,
Saudi Arabia, USA, Senegal, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Tanzania, Tunis, Turkey, Uganda,
Ukraine, Hungary, Uruguay, Philippines, Finland, France, Haiti, Holland, Honduras, Honk Cong,  
Croatia, Czech Republic, Chile, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Sri Lanka and Djibouti etc.  

Free delivery

With every money transfer you can send a message containing up to 10 words without any additional charge.

Easy to send!  Easy to receive! 

Simply follow the next steps:

To send money

Take with you a document for identification (personal identification card or passport) and enter the data into the application which is easy and simple for filling out. Pay the amount that you wish to send, plus the commission for MoneyGram service. Then you will be given a reference number for transfer of MoneyGram. Notify the person to whom you are sending the money and give them the reference number.

To receive money

Make sure that the sender has given you the reference number of MoneyGram. Go to any MoneyGram agent (the sender can inform you about the nearest agent). You will have instant access to the money throughout our branch network.  

When to use the services of MoneyGram.

When you are working abroad and have to send money to your family, when you have to send money to your friend, relative or colleague in another town or another country. In case of emergency, when you are travelling, in case of lost or stolen wallet or when you need money to come back home, etc. When your son or daughter ran out of money while vacationing or studying abroad and urgently needs money.

 MoneyGram is for everybody who wants to send or receive money quickly and without any risk.

The MoneyGram service is exceptionally fast, up to date, safe and inexpensive for sending and receiving money throughout the world in just 10 minutes.