Milka Todorova
Chairman of the Management Board 
and Executive Director

Delcho Krastev
Member of the Management Board 
and Executive Director
Vladislav Hadjidinev
Member of the Management Board 
and Executive Director


Welcome to UNIBank AD Skopje!

It is a great honor and pleasure for us to present to you our successful and long-lasting existence on these pages.

Starting from 1993, UNIBank has promoted itself as a leader in the group of medium-size banks in the Republic of Macedonia, above all due to the trust confided in us by our clients, as well as to the ongoing process of improvement of our operations and employees.

We have created and implemented various innovative products and services, exclusively as a response to the needs of our clients, guided by the European and worldwide banking standards. 
We offer our clients an extraordinary system of values based on tradition, security and stability.

Having grown together with our clients over the years, we may now take pride in the following figures:

  • 25 years of successful and stable operation
  • Over 200,000 clients
  • 30 branches throughout Macedonia
  • The largest number of ATM’s in Macedonia
  • The largest number of cards issued
  • The first bank to introduce chip-protection technology in its operations
  • The first bank to introduce electronic payment via the Internet
  • A new innovative approach to the work
  • Direct and immediate access for and communication with the clients


The Role of UNIBank in the domestic market
As a result of its active role in the domestic and international payment operations and throughout its existence, UNIBank’s financial indicators have been positive in all segments of its operations. 

Social Responsibility
We take an active part in the creation of corporate social values and support the youth, sports, culture and art.

Acknowledged as a bank of rapid development, innovation and transparency in its operations, high-quality services, direct and immediate interaction with its clients.

Our vision is to always be the leader in innovations on the market, following the global/European banking trends and their implementation on the domestic market, thus offering our clients numerous advantages and extra benefits.

Our objective is to recruit young staff and allow them to gain their first work experience in our bank.

Our employees are continuously being educated and presented with opportunities for fast career development.

Client Care
Guided by the global criteria for client services, we constantly monitor and measure the satisfaction of our clients. We endeavor to offer our clients the maximum of comfort in use of the banking services by undertaking ongoing surveys.


May all your memorable and successful moments begin here!

Your partner to success.

Yours truly,

Management Board of UNIBank