Allowed Overdraft on Accounts



Allowed overdraft is a type of a facility allowing clients to make multiple use of funds up to a credit limit, made available for clients in amounts exceeding their current balance. The allowed overdraft facility makes it possible for clients to reuse any funds repaid within an agreed period of time.
Any citizen of the Republic of Macedonia, employed under an indefinite or definite duration employment contract or a retired individual, receiving their salary/pension on a transaction account with UNIBank may be an overdraft user. You will receive the response to your application for allowed overdraft within only 1 working day, following the provision of the complete documentation required.  

The use of the allowed overdraft is simple - you may do so by using your single transaction account, on which you receive your monthly income and which may be used for all types of financial transactions, as well as by using the debit cards of the two leading brands - Maestro and Visa Electron, which are linked to the same account.


  • For employees in the public administration and joint-stock companies – up to 3 (three) net monthly wages received at an account with the Bank
  • For employees in the private sector – up to 2 (two) net monthly wages received at an account with the Bank
  • For retired individuals – up to 1 (one) monthly pension received at an account with the Bank

Interest rate

  • 11.25% per annum

Calculation method


Repayment period

12 months, with the possibility of extension.

Manner of use of funds

Via Maestro and Visa Electron debit cards, as well as via all payment instruments approved and introduced by the bank, following the provision of the funds required.


1) Allowed overdraft agreement
2) Bill of Exchange in the amount of 100, 200, and 500 MKD depending on the overdraft amount allowed, with a Bill of Exchange Statement issued by the borrower, who guarantees the Bill of Exchange on the date of approval for the entire overdraft amount by an aval in favor of the Bank.
3) Consent with direct deductions from the salary
4) For applicants employed under a definite duration employment contract, an employable third party guaranteeing by an aval is required.

Response period

Within 1 working day, following the submission of the complete and duly filled out documentation.

Application review and processing fee


Overdraft approval fee

Bill of Exchange costs (nominal price)

Renegotiation of terms

300,00 MKD

This loan may be applied for by all those who:
1) are creditworthy employed individuals at the age of not less then 18 and not more than 64 for men and 62 for women, with the overdraft repayment period not exceeding the maximum age.
2) are retired individuals at the age not more than 75, with the overdraft repayment period not exceeding the maximum age.
3) receive their salary/pension at UNIBank.

  1. Full-time employment confirmation letter (UNIBank form)
  2. A salary confirmation letter (UNIBank form)