Car Loans

UNICar Loan

Now your new car is a few steps away!

1. Choose the car you like;
2. Contact UNIBank AD Skopje at 02 3111 111;
3. The best loan combination within the limits of your budget;
4. Fill an application for a car loan and submit the following documents:

  • Pro-forma invoice from the seller;
  • copy of the personal identification card;
  • certificate from a pledge registry;
  • consent with direct deductions from the salary.

5. We approve the desired amount in a short period;
6. We give you a MasterCard or a VISA credit card free of charge!

UNIBank AD Skopje wishes you safe and pleasant driving!

Parameters of the UNICar loan:

  • Loan amount – up to  900,000 MKD
  • Collateral – depending on the loan amount you have applied for—guarantors, car pledge or mortgage
  • Loan repayment period - up to 84 months

Loan amount

up to 50,000 Euros

Interest rate

  • 9% for an amount of up to 900,000 MKD

Note: The deposit interest rate amounts to 0%.

Calculation method


Repayment period

up to 84 months

Manner of use of funds

Credited exclusively for the purpose of purchasing a car

Payment method

The loan is repaid in equal monthly annuities. Partial or complete early repayment of the principal is allowed


  • Car pledge
  • Consent with direct deductions from the salary and a Bill of Exchange with Bill of Exchange Statements issued by the borrower
  • Insurance policy endorsed in favour of UNIBank

Response period

Within three working days from the submitting of a complete and duly filled in documentation.

Applicants must be:

  • creditworthy individuals;
  • employed under an indefinite duration employment contract, with documented monthly income
  • employed under a definite duration employment contract, provided that:
    • the loan repayment period expires before the employment contract
    • applicants provide guarantor/s, employed under an indefinite duration employment contract

Loan  review and management fee

  • one-off commission of 1% of the loan extended
  • Loan application review and processing fee

– MKD 1,200 for loan amounts up to MKD 120,000
- MKD 1,800 for loan amounts between MKD 180,000 and 900,000 

Early repayment fee

0% of the early repaid principal

Age limit

Applicants must be creditworthy individuals of Macedonian citizenship and at the age between 18 and 70, including the loan repayment period;

Borrower’s income required

The monthly annuities must not exceed ½ (one-half) of the applicant’s and co-applicants’ total income or the applicant’s and co-applicants’ income remaining after deducting the monthly annuities from the total income declared must not be less than MKD 40,000

Additional income that may be documented is taken into account in the assessment of the borrowers’ creditworthiness at the Bank’s discretion

Documents required

  • Copy of the personal identification card of the loan applicant
  • Employment contract
  • М1/М2 form and - for private firms - an M4 form, as well as salary recapitulations for the past six months. 
  • Employer-verified consent with direct deductions from the salary of the loan applicant as well as a salary confirmation letter for the past 6 month.
  • Pro-forma invoice for the car
  • Certificate issued by the pledge registry.