Mortgage Loans

Mortgage Loans

By mortgaging your real-estate, you qualify for the mortgage loan that enables you to provide the funds necessary for:

  • Buying home furniture;
  • Renovation;
  • Financing your business;
  • Settlement of existing obligations and loan refinancing;
  • Payment for education;
  • Travelling and vacations;
  • Other current needs;
  • Or simply because you are in a need of money due to unpredicted obligations.

In each case you will increase your assets.  
Whether it is about current expenditures or renovation, they have one thing in common - taking a loan to improve the quality of your apartment, house or your life in general.  

  • “Mortgage loan” programme conditions
  • Commissions and fees
  • Conditions to be met by the loan applicant
  • Documents required
  • Application procedure  

Loan amount

  • Up to MKD 6,150.000,00 for loans in MKD

Nominal interest rate

At the time of approval, the interest rate is determined according to the regular monthly income (salaries, rents) as per the client’s payment account in the Bank, not lower than MKD 10,000.00

Clients with regular monthly income (salaries, rents) in the Bank, not lower than MKD 10,000.00

  • 6.2% variable (1mEURIBOR–average for the period between two subsequent interest rate setting points (for the period between 01.07.2019-31.12.2019 = -0.37%) + 6.57 p.p., but not lower than 6.05 %)

Other clients

  • 7.2% variable(1mEURIBOR–average for the period between two subsequent interest rate setting points (for the period between 01.07.2019-31.12.2019 = -0.37%) + 7.57 p.p., but not lower than7.05%

Calculation method


Loan amount

up to 75% of the estimated market value of the property.

Repayment period

  • Up to 240 months with a possible grace period of 6 months

Manner of use of funds

One-off, following the provision of the following document by the loan applicant:

  • Title deed with a registered mortgage.

Payment method

In order to facilitate family planning of monthly expenditures, the loan is repaid in equal monthly annuities. Partial or complete early repayment of the principal amount is allowed. In case of early repayment, the interest shall be deducted and a 5% early repayment penalty is charged.


  • Real estate mortgage.
  • Bill of Exchange in the amount of MKD 500.00 with Bill of Exchange Statements
  • Consent with direct deductions from the salary of the loan applicant and co-applicant.  

Response period

Within 5 workdays following the delivery of complete and duly filled out documentation.

Real estate insurance

The real estate is insured at the expense of the borrower.  

Real estate appraisal

The appraisal is at the expense of the borrower in the first year only; in all subsequent years, it is at the expense of the bank.

Loan review and processing fee

  • 1.25% commission off of the approved loan for clients receiving their salary at UNIBank
  • 1.50% commission off of the approved loan for clients not receiving their salary at UNIBank

  • Loan application review and processing fee for loans for customers receiving their salary at UNIBank:
    - MKD 900.00

  • Loan application review and processing fee for loans for customers not receiving their salary at UNIBank:
    - MKD 900.00

Property appraisal

According to the real estate parameters, the loan applicant pays the property appraisal in the first year only; in all subsequent years it is paid by the bank.

Early repayment fee

5% of the early repaid principal.

Age limit

Applicants must be creditworthy individuals of Macedonian citizenship and at the age between 18 and 70, including the loan repayment period;

Borrower(s) income required

The monthly annuities must not exceed ½ (one-half) of the applicant’s and co-applicants’ total income or the applicant’s and co-applicants’ income remaining after deducting the monthly annuities from the total income declared must not be less than MKD 20,000
Additional income that may be documented is taken into account in the assessment of the clients’ creditworthiness at the Bank’s discretion.

1. Documents evidencing financial creditworthiness of clients

  • Loan application
  • Personal identification card of the loan applicant/ co-applicant
  • M-1/M-2, employment contract of the loan applicant/ co-applicant (for private sector employees).
  • Certificate by the employer stating the net salary received by the loan applicant/ co-applicant over the last 12 months + certified forms of monthly calculation of the salary for the last 6-12 months for private firms (recapitulation).
  • Consent with direct deduction of annuities from the salary
  • Related parties statement
  • Other documents evidencing income
  • Other loan contracts

2. Property documents

  • Personal identification card of the property owners
  • Documents evidencing ownership of the property being mortgaged (Title deed)
  • Certificate for non-mortgaged immovable property issued by the court
  • Documents evidencing the family status of the owners of the property proposed as collateral (extract from the registry of marriages or the registry of births). 
    * Not compulsory upon submission of the application, but clients must have it for the public notary verification procedure.
  • Additional documents as requested by the bank.

Loan application review procedure

Once you fill in, date and sign the loan application forms and submit the necessary documents to the bank, the loan inspectors i.e. officers of UNIBank commence checking and analyzing the information submitted.  
This process lasts approximately 5 days, depending on the characteristics of each loan application.
Some loan applicants find certain loan-related issues unclear. Feel free to refer to our officer in connection with all the things you find vague and the things you should expect - THEY ARE YOUR LOAN CONSULTANTS.

The loan application is reviewed in two phases:

Phase one
During this phase, the Bank checks whether the loan applicant meets the requirements of the bank and determines the maximum loan limit as well as the repayment period.  At this phase, if necessary, a bank employee may contact you and invite you for another meeting at the bank in order to further specify some additional data regarding your loan application. You will be informed by the Bank by phone of the decision made, i.e. whether your application will be processed further. 

Phase two
During this phase, the bank performs checks of any registered encumbrance on the property serving as loan collateral. If no such encumbrances exist, the property is appraised by an Authorized Court Appraiser. The real estate appraisal costs are at the expense of the loan applicant in the first year only; in all the subsequent years, they are borne by the bank. If the results of the appraisal are positive, you will be invited by the Bank to conclude a loan contract.