VIP Clients Loans

VIP Clients Loans

Loan Amount

Maximum MKD 900,000

Repayment period

  • 95 months

Nominal annual interest rate

  • 5.50% fixed interest rate in the first year and 7.90% variable interest rate for the remaining period

Calculation method


Expenses and commissions

  • one-off commission of 1% of the loan approved
  • Loan application review and processing fee of 300.00 denars

Approval period

three business days

Manner of use of funds


Use of funds

Any purpose

Early repayment penalty

0% from the early repaid amount


Up to 600,000.00 MKD and up to 95 months’ repayment period – no guarantors
Up to 900,000.00 MKD and up to 95 months’ repayment period – a single guarantor