Е – commerce

E-commerce service enables you to sell your products/services via the Internet i.e. your Internet store using payment cards from the MasterCard brand.

The service is developed in such manner that provides the legal entity, Bank clients, safe and secure manner of non-cash payment, helping them to get involved in the modern world trends, using the advantages of the global world market.

Advantages of using the e-commerce service:

  • low costs for establishment and maintenance of  Internet points of sale regarding the classic point of sale (there is no store in the physical sense, optimum amount of inventories, lower number of employees, etc.);  
  • working according to the principle 24x7 (Internet point of sale is not limited with work time);  
  • availability of the products/services for the consumers worldwide;
  • cross-selling and greater market segmentation;  
  • the seller will be identified by the buyer as a leader in the modern technology application.  

For additional information, please contact us at cards@unibank.com.mk