Criteria for realisation of the e-commerce service

In order for the Trader to be able to realise the e-commerce service, the legal entity must:

  • Be registered for performing certain types of business activities and to operate for minimum of two years;
  • Has an open account in UNIBank;
  • Not have matured and unsettled obligations towards UNIBank and not to be late more than 30 days in the settlement of its obligations;
  • Not have a block greater than 5 days in continuity in the last 12 months, and in the last 6 months, 5 days of total block; 
  • Has income realised from operations in the previous year;
  • The e-commerce service is possible only for corporative clients of UNI bank (of at least 1 year) who want to extend their sales through the Internet;
  • Has signed a contract on acceptance of payment cards on POS terminals of UNIBank, if the legal entity works with payment cards.