Loan for energy efficiency

Following the current developments in the country and the region concerning the consumption, i.e. the energy shortage and the existing energy sources, UNIBank AD Skopje offers a credit support to the enterprises actively operating in the energy efficiency area.
The potential clients of UNIBank AD Skopje are the enterprises investing in projects that will contribute to the energy saving, replacement of the existing sources with alternative energy sources etc.


  • amount
    The maximum loan amount depends on the client’s needs and business
  • period
    flexible repayment period
  • interest rate
    favourable and competitive interest rate
  • collateral
    flexible collateral
  • intended for investment financing
    for energy saving
    for solar energy utilization (sun collectors etc.)
    connected to the utilization of geothermal – ground waters
    for wind power utilization
    for research activity of alternative renewable sources of energy