Loans for Public Administration and Joint Stock Companies Employees not Receiving their Salary at UNIBank

Loan amount

900,000.00 denars

Interest rate

  • 8.50%

Calculation method


Repayment period

Up to 95 months

Manner of use of funds


Repayment method

In order to facilitate family planning of monthly expenditures, the loan is repaid in equal monthly annuities.


Consent with direct deductions from the salary and a Bill of Exchange with a Bill of Exchange Statement issued by the Borrower.

Up to 600,000.00 MKD and up to 95 months’ repayment period – no guarantors
Up to 900,000.00 MKD and up to 195 months’ repayment period – a single guarantor

Approval fees

  • one-off commission of 1% of the loan approved
  • loan application review and processing fee of 600.00 denars

Early repayment fee

0% of the early repaid principal

Renegotiation of terms

600.00 denars for change of conditions

All individuals may apply for this loan, provided that they are:

  • creditworthy
  • employed under an indefinite duration employment contract, with their monthly income documented
  • employed under a definite duration employment contract, if:
    - the loan repayment period expires before the employment contract 
    - they provide guarantor/s employed under indefinite duration employment contracts

Age limit

The applicant must be a creditworthy physical person of a Macedonian citizenship.

  • For employed individuals at the age of 18 to 64 (for men) and to 62 (for women), including the loan repayment period;

Required income of borrowers

1) Minimum net income of 10,000 MKD, excluding any extra income;
2) Monthly deductions against loan installments are not to exceed one-third of their declared monthly income;
3) Additional income that may be documented is taken into account in the assessment of the borrowers’ creditworthiness at the Bank’s discretion

If you meet the conditions for approval of a loan application:

  • You need to completely and duly fill in the loan application forms of the Bank and present all other documents as indicated by the loan officer of the Bank.
  • You will receive a reply within 3 working days.
  • A Loan Agreement and, where necessary, Guarantor Agreement(s) will be concluded if the application is approved.
  • You and the guarantor(s) are to come to the bank in person, in order to sign the documentation required.

You may withdraw the funds immediately, on the day the documents required have been signed.


  • Employment contract, i.e. M1/M2
  • A copy of previous indefinite duration employment contracts
  • Verified certificates of income for the last 6 months
  • Full-time employment confirmation letter (UNIBank Form)
  • Salary confirmation letter (UNIBank Form)
  • Consent with direct deductions from the salary (UNIBank Form)