UNIBank offers a service which enables all credit and debit card holders to receive timely information for authorisations made within the country and abroad, immediately after the carrying out of the transaction via SMS report.

Using this service shall provide you the following:

  • Utter and determine potential abuse, timely reaction and safety measures;
  • Narrowing the possibility of multiple indebtment for the same product/service;
  • Information and confirmation regarding successfully / unsuccessfully realized transaction;
  • Security and high level of protection from potential abuse or fraud;
  • Many opportunities for control of your transactions;
  • Simple monitoring of transactions, irrespective of the fact whether you are within the country or abroad;


In some of the branch offices of the Bank you can fill in the application for use of this service with a document for personal identification. In the application provide your mobile phone number of one of the authorized mobile operators in the Republic of Macedonia.

  • By filling in the application for the service UniSMS, you receive the information about the authorisations regarding all the cards (basic and additional) you are authorized to use.
  • The service UniSMS shall be enabled within three working days as of the date of receipt of the application at the Bank.
  • The SMS report includes information about the type of transaction, amount, card brand and terminal description.
  • A fee is charged for using the service UniSMS in accordance with the Bank’s Schedule of Rates.